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Anytime someone turns 18 years old it’s a time for celebration. Our society tends to look at 17 as being a young adult and 18 as being an adult. So, an 18th birthday has to be accompanied by a celebration and / or some great gifts. Weren’t you excited to turn 18? Didn’t you want the rest of the world to be just as excited?

Turning 18 years old means that a person is suddenly allowed to do some major things with his / her life. Some states allow 18 year olds to drink alcoholic beverages legally. Almost all states allow 18 year olds into bars. In the United States celebrating an 18th birthday means the birthday boy has to register for the draft. Turning 18 also means the person is allowed to vote in political elections.

Yes, everyone’s 18th birthday mean a lot. Some people choose to move out on their own after reaching 18 years old. There is an entire world out there to be explored and some people can’t wait to go out and explore it. That’s why the minute they turn 18, they are out the door and itching to make their mark in the world. However, for many other people, the age of 18 is a year when they will graduate from high school and begin college - another totally new and exciting life choice.

Turning 18 is a bit strange though. Suddenly the law and society see an 18 year old differently then they did just the day before. No one feels differently on their 18th birthday. Yet, they are viewed as being different. They are an adult because they have lived for 18 years on this planet. Yet, just one day earlier they were just another kid.

However, just because they don’t feel differently, they truly are. So, on any 18th birthday is time to celebrate. It is a major accomplishment to make it that far in life. Congratulate the 18 year old. Throw a party. Buy a great gift. Just don’t act like it is just another day.

18th birthdays are one of the most important birthdays in anyone’s life. They are equally or more important than the 21st birthday, the 30th birthday, and the 35th birthday (only very important to anyone wishing to become President of the United States). In fact, it could be argued that the 18th birthday is the most important birthday of all. And if that is true, then a party and plenty of great gifts are definitely needed.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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