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As adults, it is not easy to remember how hard it was to be a little kid. We take a lot of what they don't know for granted. We understand how to read and comprehend texts. We understand the basic principles of science. And most of all, we understand how to add, multiply, subtract, and divide. We can do fractions with ease. We can count by tens or hundreds. Nonetheless, 3rd grade math
is one of the hardest classes that a child has to pass. When third-graders fail to adequately learn their basic mathematical skills, it can lead to a lifetime of problems.

This was all brought home to me when I walked in on my little girl, Susie, crying. I asked what was the matter, but she refused to talk about it. After a few minutes, she said “I'm too dumb to go to school anymore.” Apparently, her 3rd grade math homework was so difficult and frustrating for her that she thought she could never pass anything again. She had been crying over her 3rd grade homework for some time now, frustrated over her inability to learn, and I hadn't even known. It really made me realize how difficult life can be to her. Until that point, I thought it was all peaches and cream.

Part of the problem is that many of the 3rd grade math lesson plans don't really adequately explain the concept to the students. They have lots of pictures, 3rd grade math word games, and pages to color in, but they are short on good solid explanations. It is almost as if they expect the third graders to pick up their lessons by osmosis. They don't make sure that they understand the concepts. They simply move from lesson to lesson, reading the script from the book. And some 3rd grade math books are just terrible!

The biggest problem with the difficulties that children face in 3rd grade math is that they can set the kids up for a lifetime of trouble. Kids get discouraged easily, so if they get behind at that age, they will have a lot of trouble catching up. Kids who do not understand their 3rd grade math will have trouble with 4th grade math as well. They will think that they are stupid, and face all kinds of worries and insecurities. This is why it is crucial to help your child with his or her 3rd grade math!

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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