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Every married couple will agree, if you're so lucky as to make it to your 50th wedding anniversary, you both deserve a medal and one terrific celebration. Although homes, friends, bills, and all the ups and downs life presents have come and gone, your love has stood the test of time.

Your children have left your cozy nest and are well into their own adult lives, with their own children, on their journey through life. Now you have the pleasure of seeing and likely, spoiling your grandchildren. Your time is your own and you finally have the chance to take a trip and explore some of the places you didn't have the chance to visit when you were younger.

Most times, an occasion like a 50th wedding anniversary party is planned by your children or friends. You might want to pass this article on to them as an “a little birdie told me” message. If it's your parent's celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, then keep this to yourself!

On both the “traditional”and “modern” official lists of gifts for anniversaries, gold is the one for the 50th. The party planner may want to contact other family members and guests to coordinate a single lavish item for the guests of honor, where everyone pitches in to buy the gift. If this doesn't suit your taste, you might simply adopt a theme of gold for an array of beautiful gifts.

You'll find useful and beautiful items such as ceramic teapots painted with gold leaf, gold-plated serving pieces and candy dishes. These all make beautiful mementos which can be used every day, serving as lovely memories of this important day in years to come.

Whether your 50th wedding anniversary party is held at home or in a fancy hotel, gold decorations, ribbons, and streamers help set a festive mood. Follow up with white china with gold trim and cut-glass water and wine goblets to create a truly elegant presentation. Gold chargers beneath the plates are another nice touch.

You'll also want a beautiful centerpiece of flowers. Roses are very romantic, but if your guests of honor favor tulips or hydrangeas, make them feel special with a large abundance of their favorite flowers. Although florists can usually obtain flowers out of season, they can be pricey. If this is the case, look into silk flowers as an alternative. Silk flowers look quite realistic and can become another keepsake, as they last virtually forever.

When it comes to food, pull out all the stops. After all, there's only one 50th wedding anniversary per marriage! Plan your menu carefully, keeping in mind any dietary restrictions. Serve all their favorite foods.

As for entertainment, you know best what would be the icing on the cake of this celebration. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to the courageous, loving couple, and to many more to come!

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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