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Let's face it, if you're looking at your 60th birthday coming right up, it can be a shocker and a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it's hard to believe you're 60 years old. You may not look it, you probably don't feel it, but the fact is there as plain as the nose on your face! On the other hand, sixty years of living has given you experience, wisdom and if you're lucky, family, children and even grandchildren to treasure.

Now, let's say it's not you, but your spouse or beloved friend who's having a 60th birthday. It's up to you to make the occasion special and a joyous occasion. Throw a party that celebrates the achievement of so many years! Let's look at some ideas to make your beloved friend's birthday a happy memory rather than a morose view of the “glass half full”. A good place to start is with your party invitations. The 60th birthday party invitations should be conceived with humor and a lot of love!

Of course, all those “over the hill” jokes come to mind. If your birthday guy or gal is one who laughs in the face of their 6th decade, then by all means, throw in a few references making light of their 60 years of life. A word to the wise: don't go overboard here, because where a couple of jokes bring laughter, an overdose may bring on depression!

Your 60th birthday party invitations can be a collage of all the emotions that play into the celebration. Go online to some of the e-card sites where you'll find a range of sentiments expressing the full emotional symptoms of one experiencing their 60th year. Make a compilation of the feelings one might have upon attaining their 60th year. You may be surprised to find the 60th birthday party invitations require a lot of insight on your part.

Talk to all your friends who will be attending the party. Everyone will have a different take on the occasion and the guest of honor, all of whom can contribute a good idea to make your 60th birthday party invitations a beautiful tribute to the honoree.

Think about the birthday girl or guy's special interests. For the fisherman, a background of a beautiful lake setting will set the words of the invitation off beautifully. Your 60th birthday party invitations for the gourmet cook may be printed on parchment paper decorated with a background of cook's tools. For the concert lover, musical notes as a background lends a special feeling of appreciation for the passion of the honoree. A family photo as your background may be the perfect choice for the person whose life revolves around their loved ones.

When designing a 60th birthday party invitation, just look to their passion for your inspiration. Be sure to send them an invitation too! Your love will shine through and you'll have a successful party, and that person will have a treasured memory of their 60th year!

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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