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Advertising Billboards

When I lived in the city I usually had to take a bus into work every day. It was never a good idea for me to drive, as the parking where I worked was sky high. I got used to the bus, but when my brother came to stay with me for a while, he offered to pick me up for work each day. I loved it, and it was much better than riding the bus. He was always caught in traffic on a certain street each day though, and he came to loathe the advertising billboards he saw as he sat there. It became something that he would talk about each day as his irritation grew.

It wasn’t the idea of advertising billboards that annoyed him. There was one in particular that must have been purchased for someone’s birthday. It said something about some guy named Ray. It was a rhyming birthday wish, and I have to admit is was one of the cheesiest things I have ever seen. I felt bad for poor Ray. That billboard was up for a long time before it was replaced with something else. I bet even Ray wished someone would take it down. Though this wasn’t the norm for advertising billboards, it was up for at least two months.

My brother decided to handle his irritation at advertising billboards with a sense of humor. Because the billboard about Ray rhymed so well (or so badly, depending on your point of view), he would make all of them rhyme. I would have to listen to this all the way home from work, though I have to admit he was really good! He would read each of the advertising billboards we went by and then make up his own rhyme about them. Though it got annoying sometimes, I have to admit it was much easier to listen to than some of the stuff I would hear on the bus each day.

If you want to use advertising billboards for your business, they are a great way to get people’s attention. However, you should do yourself a favor and try not to annoy the people who may be viewing it each day. If they get irritated with what you put on advertising billboards, they may never want to come into your business. Keep the copy clean, simple, and to the point. Also, remember to change it so that they aren’t seeing the same thing day in and day out.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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