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There are bugs and insects in your home. Yeah, I'm talking to you! It stinks, but there's hardly a way around this. Bugs are just so small; they tend to squeeze through any cracks or openings. Imagine what comes in every time you open the door. It's sort of a free-for-all for the flying insects. It takes them a half of a second to dart in. This of course can lead to more bugs if eggs are laid. YUCK. I'm always annoyed with the ants and spiders. These irksome little pests are always getting in somehow. Well, you know what this means. It's time to break out the ant spray and bug killer. Unfortunately they won't be bargained with.

So my seven year old daughter approached me the other day with a dismal look on her face. She said, "Dad, my leg is bugging me." Naturally I sat her down to take a look at it. To my surprise there was a small puss-filled bump on her inner thigh. It was surrounded by a patchy redness. My immediate thought was that she had been bitten by some spider or insect. She said that it itched and was a bit sore. I then showed it to my wife and she thought the same thing. We decided to wait until the next day to check it again. In the meanwhile, my wife used insect and ant spray around the house. She sprayed in all the corners. Hey, you can never be too safe about what it sneaking in and building nests in your home. Anyway, the following day, I examined the bump again. Now it looked worse to me. The redness around it was more severe and it appeared streaky. This makes me think INFECTION. That's a bit scary as a parent. I then conversed with my wife and we set up a doctor's appointment for the following morning. Once the doctor had examined it for about two seconds, she said, "Eww, that's a bug or spider bite. The infection is spreading down her leg." She ensured us that it wasn't a huge deal and some simple Amoxicillin would remedy the infection. She then advised us to take some spider, bug and ant spray, and use it under all the beds, in all the corners, and in all the closets. We were way ahead of her.

Go ahead and pick up some spider or ant spray at any home store. I purchased mine from Lowe's. This is a good way to keep those nasty little insects and bugs out of your home and away from your children. They can sneak in year-round, so be prepared.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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