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One of the most important things in my bathroom is my set of bathroom rugs. Of course the tub, sink, and toilet are important, but those are obvious. When it comes to my floors, I can’t stand to go without the rugs. Getting out of a hot shower is shocking enough in the winter without having to stand on a cold floor while soaking wet. Even in the summer they are important, because wet feet and a slippery floor can be a recipe for disaster.

I have gone through many sets of bathroom rugs because they seem to wear out so fast, and I am always moving around. Some get lost, and others fall apart from too many washing, even the expensive types. If I change the colors around, that also means that I might need to get new bathroom rugs. This is a huge difference from the ones my mom has had since I was a teenager. For some reason, they are still in good shape and they look good. Maybe I should ask her where they bought them, but it’s been so long, she won’t remember anyway.

One thing I can’t stand are the bathroom rugs that cover the entire bathroom floor, much like wall to wall carpeting in other parts of the house. They often look really good, but it doesn’t seem that the bathroom is the place for carpeting. We all know what goes on in there, and if you have men in your home, you know why permanent carpets are not such a great idea. Not all men are sloppy, but there are still times when accidents happen. Children can have the same accidents. You can’t get this type of bathroom rugs up to clean them.

The small bathroom rugs, however, are my favorites, and I am glad they are there to cushion and warm my feet, and to stop me from slipping when I get out of the shower. They often give a warm look to a bathroom too, and they can be thrown in the washer any time they need cleaning. If you are like me, and you like to wash yours quite often, spend a little more for quality rugs so they aren’t falling apart on you after only a few washes. The color can also fade dramatically though washes with inexpensive rugs, so keep that in mind when you buy. If you are looking for a hard to find color, you may have to look online, but you can pretty much find any color you need to go with your bathroom décor.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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