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One thing that most people don’t think to buy for their children is a chess set. Many think that chess is an old game that no one plays any longer, and there really aren’t many that are interested. Truthfully though, if you were to buy one for your child, and if you take the time to play with them, there are benefits for the both of you that you might not realize right away.

A chess set is more than a game. It takes a lot of thinking to get through a game and actually win. It is something like checkers, but much more complicated. In fact, some might say that the only thing similar between the two is that they have the same look about their playing board. Whatever the case, a chess set will require more time and patience than learning to play chess. However, the benefits of this game far exceed anything that checkers could ever do.

Playing with a chess set requires the players to think far in advance of the present move they are going to make. That means they have to use the power of reasoning and logic to make any move. This is something that we all learn in time, but some learn earlier than others. Those who grow up with a chess set might indeed have an advantage. The reason so many teenagers get into trouble is not because they are bad kids, but because they have not learned to think about beyond what they are doing. Learning chess could help change that in some kids. Thinking beyond the moment may become automatic, and they can then begin to make better choices.

A chess set certainly won’t keep teens from making mistakes, but learning to think ahead might keep them out of some problems. It’s an abstract thought, but there is certainly no harm in teaching a child to play. There are other great things they can get from a chess set as well. They learn to play and take turns, and they learn to win or lose with grace. They will also learn that they mean a lot to you if you take time out of your week to play with them. It’s funny to think about some of the things that have lasted through the centuries. Usually there is more to them than just the obvious, as is the case with the game of chess.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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