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Potato salad

What picnic is complete without someone bringing potato salad? The answer is – the picnic isn’t complete without the world famous side dish. Everyone always claims that their potato salad recipe is the very best in existence. The ironic fact is that almost every single potato salad recipe has the exact same ingredients. I mean, you can’t make potato salad without the basic ingredients. Some will have a few slight variations and additions that people claim make their concoction the best in the world, but it all comes down to the same recipe.

You can scour the internet for the best potato salad recipes. You’ll probably find quite a few that you think just may be the absolute best. Or, you can spend hours looking through cookbooks for similar recipes. If you haven’t had a relative or friend pass a recipe down to you that they claim has been in the family for generations, your best bet to finding an excellent recipe would be cookbooks or the internet. Nowadays, finding things on the internet is quite a bit faster than paging through book after book. Google the key phrase of potato salad recipe and you’ll find that you have more hits than you can even fathom.

Once you get to the picnic or gathering to which you are bringing potato salad, you want to be sure that it is properly maintained. You certainly don’t want to have it sitting in the sun all afternoon. If it does, the people who take a few bites later in the day may end up with an unhappy stomach that night. And, there is no chance of keeping the leftovers for the next day if the sun and temperatures has tainted it in any way. If it is an all day gathering for an outside event, put the potato salad back into a cooler for a little while. Once everyone breaks out the food again later in the day, bring the potato salad back out. Even having a small amount of ice in the cooler can ensure that your potato salad is still a hit later in the day or even the next day. If your gathering is at a house, you can easily put the container in the refrigerator for safe keeping until the partygoers have the urge to come back for more helpings.

What you definitely need to do when you’re making potato salad is make sure that you have enough to keep for leftovers. Let’s face it – potato salad goes great with almost any meal and stays in pretty great shape for a few days, if it is kept in an airtight container in a cool environment. Having leftovers makes life a bit easier for putting together lunches or meals for the next few days. And, if your recipe truly is the best, you’ll want to make as much as possible.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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