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water filtration process

Have you ever looked into something on a whim and have it change your life? My husband I have experienced this through starting out own business. Neither of us had any training in business. We are both licensed social workers and have worked for government agencies for the greatest share of our careers. Friends of ours started making money doing a business on line. We thought it would be interesting to look into a home based business of our own. We wanted to find a product based company that we could feel good about representing.

We found a company that specializes in environmental products. We liked that the main products they manufactured helped clean the air we breathe, the water we drink and the nutrition we put into our bodies. We were especially interested in the water filtration process because our well water does not taste good. We have used a simple water filtration process involving a charcoal filtered pitcher. This did improve the taste of the water; however you could only filter a limited amount at a time. We used the water from the pitcher for drinking, but we were still cooking with the tap water. The water purification system from the environmental company includes a two step process to remove particles as well as kill bacteria in the water. Water directly from the tap goes through the water filtration process and comes out the faucet. You can also use the faucet with our directing the water through the filtration system. We loved the water. Our coffee tastes better as well as the soups and stews that I make. We fill water bottles and keep them cold in the refrigerator to take along to sip on through the day. We both drink more water now that we can send it through the water filtration process right from the tap.

We decided that if we were excited about the products we should be able to get others excited about them also. All the products are made in the United States which was important to us, and the company had multiple trainings available in order to learn the business and to learn about the products. Our whim of starting a business has turned into a very profitable venture. We will be able to quit our other jobs by the end of the year and make more money working part-time for ourselves. We are both feeling better, which we attribute to the great water and nutritional supplements as well as the cleaner air we now breathe. All the areas of our lives have improved greatly.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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