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I love my fiancé. I would not be marrying her if I didn't love her, after all. Still, there are some aspects of planning a wedding that really bring out the worst in people. From the very beginning, I vowed to stay out of the planning. I didn't mind taking orders as long as I didn't have to argue about details. Despite my best efforts, she refused to hire a wedding planner. Her and her mother, neither of whom have experience at holding events, nonetheless decided that they would plan the wedding themselves. I knew that it was pointless to argue. I let it go.

Still, the situation got more and more dire. They couldn't decide on wedding centerpieces, they couldn't find someone to cater the wedding who they trusted, and in terms of wedding bridal gowns – forget it. It was a nightmare for them to pick out anything. The worst moment, however, came when we got down to printing out wedding announcements.

Naturally, I had assumed that we would get our wedding invitations and announcements printed by a professional stationery store. I actually had a contact in the business, a man who had been printing wedding announcement cards for years and was very good at what he did. He offered to give us discount wedding invites because of his friendship with me, but my wife would have none of it. Although she did not directly insult him over his offer for wedding announcements, she was rather brusque. Apparently, she had her own ideas, and she did not appreciate me butting in.

Not only did she decide to do the wedding announcements by hand, but she neglected to even tell me about it! She didn't consult me on the wedding announcement wording, something which I didn't mind very much. Still, when I saw the wedding announcements she was making, I was a little bit shocked. You see, my wife is no more than a journeyman at calligraphy. Her writing is pretty, but it is certainly not professional. The first dozen wedding announcements that she finished looked awful. I was truly torn. The last thing I wanted to do was to fight with her about the wedding invitations, but they really did look awful. I didn't want my friends to see such a shabby job. Eventually, however, I decided to just keep my mouth shut. Now if she finishes the invites, we can finally get on with it!

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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