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Although there are many opportunities in event planner jobs, few people become involved in it unless they have an inside connection. After all, a wedding planner job is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently. The easiest way to do this is to have a network of connections built up. Many people in wedding planer jobs have friends and family members in a lot of related industries. They know where to get wedding tents for cheap, what musicians they can hire in different areas, how to find the best wedding locations, and even how to help the bride and groom schedule a great honeymoon vacation.

Nonetheless, with the right work ethic, anyone can succeed in a wedding planner job. The key is hard work and dedication. Many people who have their own businesses in wedding planner jobs are small contractors, eager to work with bright, talented people who can get the job done. This is classic on-the-job training – you learn by doing. You can work as a wedding caterer, a DJ, or wedding event planner. It really doesn't matter where you start. Once you get involved in one field, you slowly but surely begin to understand the job as a whole. After that, a variety of wedding planner jobs become available to you.

Although many beginning wedding event planners do not make a lot of money, once you get in the field you can make a killing. Wedding planner jobs exist at all levels, but advancement is usually based on reputation. So much of it is done word of mouth, you see, so one wedding planner can do all of the party planning for the whole circle of friends. It is amazing how much good a few referrals will do you in finding more prospective clients. Although advertising helps somewhat, word-of-mouth help so much more.

Of course, a great way to succeed in wedding planner jobs is to develop several skills. If you, for example, can work as an ordained minister, have some basic catering skills, know how to DJ an events, and have interior decorating experience, you will be much more valuable in a wedding planner job. Basically, the more skills you have available, the better. Wedding planning people are an eclectic bunch, but the things that really matter most are being able to promote yourself and being able to get the job done. If you can do both those things, you can go places.

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