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Whole Bean Coffee

My mornings changed when I got one of my first writing assignments. I was already a coffee fiend, but I didn’t know very much about coffee then. My assignment was about whole bean coffee and how to grind it at home. I was amazed at the information I found, and decided then and there that I wanted to use whole bean coffee and grind it myself at home instead of buying already ground. Once I started buying and grinding whole bean coffee, I found that indeed there was a difference in taste for my daily pot of coffee.

When coffee is roasted, it is roasted in whole bean form. They roast the beans to different tastes, and the beans are then either ground, or sent out whole. You can buy either kind, but you may want to consider buying whole bean coffee and grinding it at home. This isn’t very difficult, and it won’t cost you much more than what you already pay. A bag of whole bean coffee costs the same as the ground coffee; at least it does where I shop. You have to invest in a coffee grinder, but they aren’t very expensive, and they are very easy to use.

When whole bean coffee is ground, it immediately begins to lose the oils that make your coffee taste good. Imagine how much taste is lost if the beans are ground in the factory. They lose oils from that moment on, no matter how fresh the package claims to be. It may take weeks for the ground coffee to get from the factory to your kitchen. I’m not saying that ground coffee is bad, it can be rather good, but whole bean coffee ground in your kitchen has a fresh and natural taste. You can ground enough for more than one day if you want, but be sure to keep it stored in a dark place and keep it sealed tight.

You can also buy whole bean coffee in decaf form, and in almost any strength of caffinated you can imagine. You can find breakfast blends, French roast, and anything else you could want. If you don’t know what strength you may want, find a whole bean coffee display like Green Mountain. You can use a bag and get any amount of whole bean coffee you want. You can get a sample of many different types of coffee and then try them at home. You can experiment with strengths, and even mix types if you like.

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