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My husband and I have had the great fortune to raise three wonderful children. Our oldest is a girl and we have twins that are a boy and girl. They have been a delight to parent. Each has gone on a different career path since completing college. My husband and I were beginning to wonder if any of them would get married. We were very surprised that within three months all three announced their engagements.

Wedding planning can be very stressful as well as expensive. Our son told us immediately that he was going to have a long engagement because this fiancé is completing her residency to become a surgeon and does not want to complicate that stress with wedding plans. Our daughters have discussed their weddings and have decided that they would like a double ceremony. They feel that this is a very practical thing to do and that it would make their day unique and memorable. Many of the relatives need to travel a great distance so this is also easier on them.

I was concerned about each of the brides feeling that the day was special for her. I know that each of my daughter’s loves flowers and I wanted to make multiple bouquets be the focus for the church as well as the reception. My friend told me about a farmers market that specializes in wholesale fresh flowers. The flowers are sold in bunches that need to be arranged, but they are about the tenth of the price that you would spend at a florist. We made a trip to see the wholesale fresh flowers and I was amazed at the wide variety as well as the low prices. The draw back was that you cannot order a specific kind of flower, so you do have to take the chance that the wholesale fresh flowers the day before the wedding are going to be the kind you want and the colors that you want.

I told my daughters a bout my visit to the wholesale fresh flowers market. I also told them that they would not be able to order a special kind of flower. They did not care about that because they feel that large multi colored bouquets are what they wanted anyway. They both want to carry bright colored stems of flowers that are wrapped with a ribbon. We all enjoy working with flowers and we thought this would be a fun thing to do the morning of the wedding. The wedding is scheduled for six in the evening so arranging the flowers together will help them from getting nervous. I am sure the day will go well and that people will remember the double ceremony.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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