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Have you ever stopped to consider what the difference is between good taste and tacky? There seems to be a fine line, but you can always tell when it has been crossed. We live in an area where most people take great pride in how their yards look. People tend to mow their grass regularly, plant flowers and have lawn furniture set out to enjoy the views of the lake. There are some yards in our neighborhood that have been featured in a lakeside living magazine. There are also a few yards that people are embarrassed to live next to. These are the yards that have crossed the line into tacky.

We live on a scenic drive so we consider our neighborhood to be the row of houses from the beginning of the drive to the first turn off which is about one and a half miles. About a half mile from our house is a beautiful stone house. This house has a circle driveway, formal flower beds and a beautiful beach area. They have a wind sock with the family name hanging on the end of their dock. Next door to this house is a home that was sold a year ago. When the house was sold it was painted a mocha color with darker brown trim. It was always referred to as the house next to the stone house. The new owners did not like being this anonymous. They painted the house a very bright yellow with purple shutters and trim. They hung a wind sock off of the television antenna on the roof. They also painted their dock yellow and purple and hung a wind sock on the end of the dock. They have their lawn mowed and have bright flowers growing in flower beds. They also have several benches and a swing that they have also painted yellow and purple. They had a wind sock specially made that is yellow and purple and has their name on it. This wind sock hangs at the end of their driveway and is four times the size of a normal wind sock.

The flamboyant colors have caused quite a raucous in the neighborhood. The man and woman that bought the house are new to our area. They would go to the local bar when they first moved in, however the man has a short temper and was asked to leave a few times. We were told that he would get angry when people would describe his house as the one next to the stone house. People are speculating that this is why he chose the bright colors for the house, lawn furniture and wind sock. Now people give directions using the yellow and purple house as their point of reference.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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