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Writing invitations can be fun. After all, if you're writing invitations, you're having a party of some kind! There are a few rules and etiquette involved in producing a good looking invitation. You want the visual appearance of the invitation to match the mood and theme of your event.

Casual get-togethers, like a backyard barbecue call for a cheerful note card style, with a hand written message inside. Formal events like a black tie party requires a formal printed invitation, or you may risk offending your guests.

Some formal invitations, such as for wedding and reception events are so complicated in rules of etiquette, such as where whose name goes, followed and preceded by what, that you may be best off looking through the printer's books of invitation styles and papers and choosing one you like. There is essentially, no writing to be done on your part.

There are a lot of different events between casual and formal. You need to decide the appropriate style level for your event.

When you've decided on your style of invitation, it's time to get to writing invitations. Unless it's that wedding!

For best success, set the timing of your writing invitations when you're feeling fresh and cheerful, not after a long hard day you've spent all stressed out. Your enthusiasm will show!

After you've written in the time, date, place or address and an RSVP, that's really all that's needed. However, a personal note is always appreciated and makes you a more gracious host or hostess to boot! A simple, personalized note, like “Dear Angie, I sure hope you can make it. I know how busy you are, but I promise you it'll be fun!” can really make a difference to your guest. Writing invitations for casual gatherings isn't difficult. A personalized invitation is always best.

Writing invitations to a birthday party can be the most fun. If you're throwing a birthday party for someone, it's likely you know them well. Is your birthday person sentimental? Hip? A gardener? Someone with a dry sense of humor? Try to design your invitation to appeal to the guest of honor. A flowery, romantic invitation will suit the sentimental friend while a humorous invitation inviting your dry humor friend to a roast – of him or her – may be a perfect invitation.

Quotes may be freely found at and many other reference sites. Pithy statements and intellectually stimulating quotations are out there by the thousands. Dig up a joke that will be appreciated by all. Such quotations and joke lines will add a personal and creative touch.

Just remember, when writing invitations, write to your audience!

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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