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Your College Experience

If there is something I would wish for everyone is that they get the chance to go to college. This isn’t just about getting an education for a career either. It’s also about life and the world. You learn much more in college than what is presented to you in your classes. Your college experience may teach you more than you ever dreamed about the world around you and the people who populate it. There are lessons you have yet to learn, and many of them will show you who you really are.

When I went to college I was glad to leave the small town I was from in the dust. I hated that place, and I knew there was more to the world. It was full of small-minded people who thought their existence within this town made them special. When I came home from college for a break, everyone told me how much I had changed, and this statement was said with some hostility. I had changed, and I hope that your college experience will change you too. You may find that they politics of high school have nothing to do with the reality of life, and your college experience may show you that you are not only smaller than you thought you were, you are also bigger than where you came from.

It’s actually hard to explain what I would hope your college experience will teach you, but if you go, you may find out for yourself. You will change, and that change will be for the best. You will find that life is more than just about popularity, and you will find that there will always be somewhere where you fit in, no matter who you are or what you are interested in. Your college experience will teach you that most of the things you thought were a big deal were really just minor blips on the road of life.

Many of those who stayed in that small town I am from have remained the same as they were in high school. They have not grown, and they are shallow forms of the people they could have been. They still see themselves as the person they were in high school when I have left that part of myself far into the past. It doesn’t really matter, and I hope if you can go to school that your college experience will give you the same freedom it gave me. Pay attention to your studies and do well, but remember that your college experience is about so much more. Find out who you are, and learn to see the world as a whole.

parkersburg mesothelioma attorney
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