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Thanks to the ancient Egyptians, Zodiac symbols are well known. They noticed that the sun takes 12 lunar rotations to complete a cycle and return to it's original position. Knowing this, Egyptian astronomers assigned symbols to represent each rotation. Each of the twelve symbols, with their descriptions are known as Zodiac pictures.

Zodiac pictures are often given as birthday gifts, symbolizing a deep connection with the recipient. Zodiac pictures may be inscribed with captions describing behaviors commonly associated with that symbol. Framed zodiac pictures make a beautiful addition to the home. These symbols are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Here are capsule zodiac pictures of the descriptors for each symbol.

Aries is stubborn and self motivated. Known as the Warrior, Aries is unconcerned with consequences, jumping hastily into situations he may later regret. Honest to a fault, he says what's on his mind. A good ally, Aries fiercely defends friends.

Taurus is practical and earthy. Nature oriented, Taurus can overwhelm, with his concern of safety and well being. A pleasure seeker, he's unattached from the material world. Just being alive is enough for him.

Seeking novel ideas, Gemini is social and intelligent. Geminis require regular, strong mental stimulation. They often drift from one subject to another. Curiosity rules Gemini, to a fault. Sometimes nosy, he's inquisitive and talkative.

Cancer has a nurturing nature. Associated with motherly behaviors, she is always looking out for the safety of others. Happy seeing others happy, Cancer is easily pleased and accepts what ever comes.

Leo is an entertainer, desiring recognition. Usually proud, Leo hungers for attention, and rarely tolerates being ignored. Artistic and free spirited, Leo usually thinks his opinions are always correct. Many Leos are quite intelligent.

Virgo is self-reliant, honest, and the ultimate individual. Creative and inventive, he is always coming up with new ideas. Virgos take responsibility for their actions. Meaning Virgin, Virgo is reputedly the purest soul.

Libra is peaceable and gets along well with others. Often a defensive personality, Libra likes natural surroundings, easily upset by lack of order. Sometimes conflicting with perceived threats, Libra has a better-safe-than sorry outlook.

Scorpios are naturally seductive, perceived as imposing, with fluctuating self-esteem. Concerned with self improvement and growth, he's his own worst critic.

Sagittarius seeks knowledge and wisdom, and lives an open life. He's highly social, with a natural curiosity of human nature.

Capricorn is much like Aries, with the same stubbornness and persistence. Even when in trouble, they persist until issues are resolved.

Aquarius is intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge, absorbing life, with a love of humanity. Closed to advice from others, Aquarius is impenetrable, relying so little on others that they hurt themselves. Sensitive to their earth-body connect.

Pisces are peaceable folk, disliking conflict, meek and with a love of food and nature.

Don't you think there's someone on your birthday list who would enjoy a zodiac picture as a meaningful, interesting and thoughtful gift?

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